Bellasi Jetski manufacturer in Europe has a prototype electric Standup jetski – pwc that looks very promising!

From Bellasi website

“We are currently testing the behaviour of the powertrain on a diagnostic machine, so we built a stand-up version with the aim of keeping this vehicle as minimalist as possible. From a mechanical point of view, it is simpler because there are fewer parts to control and we can concentrate on one component at a time and make sure we get the best out of each one.
Developing an electric watercraft involves a number of obstacles.

We accept this challenge and want to bring high-performance watercrafts into the age of electric mobility without compromising the driving experience and the performance.

As far as the product range is concerned, our aim is to offer a smaller and lighter runabout in which we can compensate somewhat for the technological limitations of a battery drive. Battery technology is the big technological bottleneck: the energy density of petrol is a hundred times higher than that of a lithium-ion battery. While electric watercraft are much better at converting energy into motion, fuel-powered boats can store more energy for their journey, yet still outperform electric PWCs in terms of range and speed. “

Electric Jetski

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