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Preparing Your Jet Ski for Summer: A Checklist for Jetski Owners

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to start preparing your jet ski for a season of fun on the water. Regular maintenance and inspections are essential to keep your jet ski running smoothly and safely. Here’s a comprehensive checklist to ensure that your jet ski is ready for a summer of adventure.

Battery Check: Make sure your battery is charged and in good condition. If it’s an older battery, consider replacing it with a new one.

Fuel System Check: Check the fuel system for any leaks or damage. A good additive like SeaFoam or Lucas Injector cleaner/fuel stabilizer is also a good idea.

Engine Check: Check the engine oil level and change the oil if necessary. Also, check the engine coolant level, and make sure the cooling system is in good working order. It is advisable to start your Jetski and run it on the flush hose for a couple minutes to ensure all is in working condition and then check your oil level. – Check your manual for your models directions.

Flush the Engine: After each use, it’s important to flush the engine with fresh water to remove salt, sand, and debris. This will help to prolong the life of your engine. Using a product like Salt-Away is also a good idea to prolong the life of your watercraft. Follow manual for flushing procedures.

Steering and Control Check: Check the steering and control systems for any loose or damaged parts. Make sure the throttle and shifter are working correctly, and the cables are in good condition. Older models have push pull cables for reverse the newer ones are electronic.

Electrical Check: Check the electrical system, including the spark plugs, wiring, and fuses. Check that the electrical connections are secure.

Hull and Trailer Check: Inspect the hull and trailer for any cracks, dents, or damage. Check the tires on the trailer, and make sure they have enough air pressure. If possible jack up your trailer and check the wheel bearings make sure they are smooth – spin the wheel while in the air and feel the mudguard for any vibrations. Ideally your grease should be replaced frequently.

Safety Equipment Check: Check the life jackets, fire extinguisher, and other safety equipment for any damage or wear. Make sure that you have the required safety equipment on board.

By following this checklist, you can be confident that your jet ski is in good working order and ready for a summer of fun on the water. If you have any questions or concerns about your jet ski, contact a professional for help.

We recommend getting your PWC serviced annually – normally prior to summer. This ensures everything is checked and prepped. We replace oil, oil filter, spark plugs, check compression, reset maintenance in the computer and remove the jet unit and check impeller, wear ring and bearings.

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